Web-based Point of Sale and inventory management solution for retailers

'From one retailer to another Vend gets a big thumbs up from me'


We Make it Easy

We are business partners for VEND, XERO and SHOPIFY so we can deliver a complete retail solution for your business.  It's a simple process and we promise a smooth transition.  

Integrated POS, accounting & e-commerce solution

Vend integrates with Xero, Shopify and Paypal so your store POS system, accounting ledger and e-commerce shopping cart all talk to each other.  The benefits of integration are obvious: reduced errors, reduced costs equals more free time and bigger profits.    

Safe and Secure

Vend automatically backs up your data several times a day, on secure servers.  So it's protected, and can only be accessed by you.

It Just Works

Let me have a rave how cool Vend is.  I just wish I used it in some of the retail businesses I have previously owned. Vend would have no doubt translated into even more of those lovely 'ca ching' cash register sounds we all love.

Hardware Friendly

Vend uses a modern, easy-to-use interface, built on the latest technology.  It works with equipment you generally already own, including barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers so you can implement the basics with minimal fuss or bother.  The only mandatory thing you need is a web browser.

Works Offline

Yep, Vend is web based but the clincher is that it continues to work off-line if your internet drops out.  It's also pretty smart as Vend automatically syncs your data next time you're on-line.