A quest of quizzes - Keeping up with Kam Part 2

A perilous journey full of quizzes and curses, join us in the second installment as we follow Kam to Mordor and back ...

3 Quizzes down and boy has it been an adventure! As an avid Lord of the Rings (LOTR) fan I found my journey to complete the quizzes easily comparable to the different challenges the characters from LOTR faced during their trials. Much like Frodo, I too had some helpers who led me along my merry way.

I’d like to take this time to thank my partners in crime. Firstly Ian, who is also currently completing his CA with me, he has been the Sam to my Frodo, always pointing me in the right direction and being there to whisper sweet, sweet answers into my ear. Secondly, to Anthony, who much like Gollum tried to be helpful but in the end was more of a hindrance than a help, thanks for the encouragement! 

Finally, a big thank you to Reginald Winterbottom, the Gandalf of my world, your kind and wise words are ever a great source of motivation for me!

Quiz 1 and 2 started off well, very much like the fellowship did when it set off from Rivendell. Much of the content from the first 2 quizzes was familiar to me as it is similar to the work and issues I deal with on a daily basis. As the story in LOTR progresses, so too does the difficulty of tasks faced by the characters (in this case the quizzes!).

Quiz 3, much like the final leg of Frodo’s journey through Mordor was the toughest of the three. While I was familiar with some of the topics covered, there was a lot of new content and issues that usually aren’t applicable to small to medium sized businesses, but it was great to learn about some new and exciting foreign concepts. 

Overall, the quizzes were a good way for us to test to our knowledge prior to the final exam. A few tricky questions but it sure didn’t make a “fool of a Took” out of us!


Della Nicholson

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